My GMAT Journey


I can happily say that I am done with the GMAT. The method I used was self-study plus 1 to 1 classes.

Self-study phase: 1.5 months

I used these resources:

  • GMAT Official Guide 13th edition – not the newest one, but still very useful
  • GMAT Prep free software
  • GMAT Prep exam pack 1

My mock test results:

  • GMAT Prep Free Test 1: 680 – My diagnostic test
  • GMAT Prep Free Test 2: 710
  • GMAT Prep Exam Pack 1 – Test 1: 740
  • GMAT Prep Exam Pack 1 – Test 2: 760

Then, I decided to try with the real GMAT – the result: 720 againI know it was a good score, but I was targeting anything over a 740 and given my mock test results I knew I could do better. So, don’t judge me for retaking it. I had already reached the highest Math score 51, but just could not raise my Verbal, so I decided to take some classes.

1 to 1 classes: 1.5 months

I wanted to focus mainly on verbal, but keep on practicing math too. I found SC session especially useful. I could have taken an online course too, but I decided on the in person ones because I have to say sometimes I lack the discipline needed for self-study, maybe that is the reason phase 1 did not work very well for me?

My mock test results:

  • MGMAT Test 1: 690 – Seriously, the math part of this was disastrous – incredibly hard
  • MGMAT Test 2: 720
  • MGMAT Test 3: 730
  • MGMAT Test 4: 730 – Ok, here I was getting annoyed with the results. I had raised my Math score back to 51, but was stuck on 38 with Verbal
  • MGMAT Test 5: 780 – This was my best score overall. Verbal 45!  Maybe it was a lucky strike?

I took the 5th test two days before my real GMAT. I did not have time to take the 6th one, but that awesome results did the trick, I got the confidence I needed for the exam.

Real GMAT result: 750 Q51 V40

I think I could have done better at verbal, but still I am very happy with my score!



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