6 Ideal Moments for Writing Essays


As I am writing this post, it is Independence Holiday at Peru. Everyone is either away for this four days or spending time with Netflix at home, well, except if you are applying on round 1 -reality strikes! Since yesterday, I have been drafting lots of power points for my Booth Photo Essay and still have not been able to come with an idea I really like.

These two last months of full essay writing I have been trying to get the most out of my time and to find the perfect moments and places to be inspired – if I am not inspired I can spend four hours in front of my laptop and watch countless YouTube videos instead of writing a single line. So finally, I have come up with my list of perfect setting for essay writing, which I will share, maybe you will find it useful.

1. Arrive extra early at work: I don’t know about you, but I live in a big city, and as in most cities of this kind, traffic jams are a nightmare! So, arriving an hour earlier at work helps me avoid the stress of driving in rush hour and also save time.  Having the office almost for myself at that time in the morning I find a perfect setting for essay writing: no noise, no distractions (Facebook is restricted) and a fresh brain.

2. At a Starbucks or other coffee store: Just as I find zero noise ideal for concentration, so I find constant, loud but unimportant voices. There are dozens of stories going on at any Starbucks, but as long as no one there is the ex you have not seen in years or the friend who owns you some money, there is no reason to get distracted by those conversations. Some days I go to a Starbucks after work instead of going home, especially if I leave at rush hour. Coffee, laptop and musings are the only combo you need.

3. After yoga or meditation: I have been trying to make a habit of meditation, but have failed so far. The days I do manage to practice some yoga or meditate I find the time after it especially productive for creative thinking, so what better way to take advantage of that extra creativity than for writing essay? Hopefully, once I am done with essays I could use that time for my fashion sketches or for painting.

4. At home?: There is no place like home. Except for being productive.  Having one sibling asking for help with university work and parents wanting to learn how to use the taxi app in their smartphones is hard to get a moment of peace. Besides, there are just so many distractions at my room (my sacred place): Facebook, YouTube, Kindle, Fashion Magazines, etc. So what I do when I want to write my essays at my bedroom is to close my door, hang a “Don’t Disturb” sign, light an aromatic candle and play some concentration music.

5. After a good work out: Nothing better to activate some extra neurons than working out. Any kind of physical activity would be good; in my case I prefer dancing or pilates.

6. At the bus, plane, car: If you do make a trip, well, just remember to take your laptop. You can write in your way, as you never know when inspiration will hit you. Your laptop is your new BFF!

I’d better go back to my power point. Good luck with your essays!





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