Submitted: Too Late and Too Soon

Being in the month of round 1 deadlines is all about making the decision of finally hitting the submit button. There are diverse situations and thoughts that can illustrate what being an MBA applicant in these last days of round 1 is like. These are crazy days!

  1. Reviewing the application form the 20th time, just to make sure you have not left a blank space somewhere. Actually, the system verifies that and lets you know, but just to be sure.
  2. Adding a comma in the goals fragment and a dash in the description of your biggest professional challenge. Then, undoing the changes, it actually looked better before, didn’t it?
  3. Freaking out over an essay that at the last moment seems too weak. Maybe I should start from scratch?
  4. Waiting until the last minute to click submit and the internet just happens to crashed. Therefore, you spend the next two minutes freaking out and thinking you will be considered for round 2, until you get the confirmation e-mail. This actually happened with my HBS app, the most stressful two minutes ever!
  5. Or on the other hand, submitting two weeks before the deadline to be done with applications for once, but then you start to have sudden realizations of typos or wrong information.
  6. After reading awesome students profiles in the webs of the school, now your goals seem too boring. Maybe, I should say I want to open an organization to help endangered animals? It actually sounds good, but unfortunately makes no sense with my background.
  7. They ask how many time I took the GMAT, why? is it bad to retake?


Ok, I should get back to my Wharton app now. Does anyone else experienced some of these  situations?



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