The sweet waiting begins

It’s done: all my applications are submitted. Wharton was the last one. So, now, the -not so- sweet waiting begins. Next week, I will start to prepare for the interviews even if I don’t know whether I would get the invitations. However, I don’t want to think about the application right now.

During the next months, even though preparing the interviews will demand great dedication, I will still have more time to spare without studying for the GMAT or writing essays. Therefore, I want to focus in other activities, some of which will indirectly help strengthen a potential interview.

  1. Work twice as hard: Mainly, because work will be the perfect place to occupy my mind. Besides, I could always find an opportunity to decrease costs, increase efficiency, reduce production time or anything that would make a good story for the interview.
  2. Focus on my dancing: I have missed many dance lessons in the last three months because of my full dedication to the application, so now I want to focus on improving my moves! Moreover, the physical activity helps relax my mind and as I don’t really enjoy going to the gym that often, dancing is the perfect alternative.
  3. Practice English: This one is important for international students like me. I don’t really have the chance to speak English every day and I will definitely need to sound fluent in the interview. Therefore, I will start going to some language exchange events or even recording myself speaking.
  4. Use my leadership skills: At work or at the organization where I volunteer. It is always a good moment to start an initiative or make a difference. Besides, it will be great material for the interview.
  5. Visualize my life at B-school: I love visualizing; it really helps me stay positive about a situation. So, I would just picture myself already at B-school, choosing classes, participating in activities and more. Doing this will help me have good vibes and survive the drama of waiting.

I guess, I will just have to keep myself occupied while waiting. To be honest, patience has never been my strong point.


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