What Columbus Day will bring

I was totally freaking out. Apparently, most of the HBS invites were already sent and I didn’t get one. However, there are still some to come out on the 12th, so I’m trying to keep my hopes intact.

Most people are saying to keep low expectations for the 12th, but I won’t do that. I refuse to think it is over until it is. As any other applicant, I really put my heart and soul into all my essays, but given how open the HBS question was, I had the chance to make it the most personal and honest of all my essays. 

Now, I’m trying to see the situation from a different perspective. I am sure everyone who applies to this program is a highly capable candidate and will be successful no matter what MBA program they end up enrolling or whether they enroll at all. The MBA is only a means to an end. What drives us a keeps us going is our passion. I am positive all applicants are passionate about what they do, as they had the guts to go through this stressful process. And, surely, a ding can’t and won’t take away our passion.

Therefore, relax, take it easy. I am still keeping my expectations high for the 12th and hoping to hearing from Booth soon. All the same, no matter the result, the show must go on!


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