The hardest stage

Since my last post, I’ve got the interview decisions for the other two business schools I applied to: Denied by Wharton and Invited to Interview with Stanford. It all happened so fast that I already had my interview with Stanford. It is all said and done, now.

The hardest days

About two months ago, I thought that there could be nothing worse than waiting for interview invites. Now, however, I find myself at the most painful stage of this process: waiting for final decisions. I hate feeling that I have no control over the result anymore. Moreover, the days until the final decision seem endless, as if I were seeing the world at a slow motion, a situation that just helps increase my agony.

Something that is helping me though is that I have a lot of events going on right now that demand lots of concentration: a new project at work, the upcoming show at my dance academy, the closing event at the organization where I volunteer. But, wait a second! I am forgetting something important. Even if I am constantly trying to inject myself with positive thinking based on the fact that my interviews went really good, I should be prepared for the worst.

Round 2 applications

I am doing Kellogg and Columbia for round 2. Am I already preparing my applications? I made a first draft of the essays, but I have barely made any progress to be honest. I find really hard to put all my effort in these applications at the moment because I can’t help but thinking that I may not need to submit them at all. To make things worse, the timing is awful. I will be hearing the first final decision on December 8th and by then it will be too late to start round 2 applications, so I should get to work right now.

About a week from now, round 1 will be over and hopefully the whole application process too. However, until then I guess I will be working on my applications for round two.

Good luck with your applications!


I’m just doing some drawing to deal with the anxiety.


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