Welcome to Chicago Booth!


I was paying for a yogurt and a sandwich when I saw the Chicago code on my phone and started freaking out. I literally abandoned my food at the counter and went somewhere else to take the call. I remember the warm welcome to Booth and the invitation to First Day in February. The call lasted for about 5 minutes and my voice was especially high-pitched the whole time.

There are memories so emotionally charged that even several years later we can remember the situation with every detail. These are called flashbulb memories. That is how Americans can remember what they were doing on 9/11 or Catholics can remember the moment they heard of Pope John Paul II’s death.

The moment they were accepted to business school must be unforgettable for any candidate. The moment I got accepted to Booth has become my new flashbulb memory. 


The last ding

For two whole days, I was waiting for the GSB call, but I never got it. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed, but not as much as I thought I would be. I guess, the hurt of this rejection can’t overshadow the excitement of being accepted to Booth.


This year was all about the application process: studying for the GMAT, drafting essays, preparing interviews and stressful waiting. Although, the experience consumed a lot of my time and energy, it was also enriching in a personal level. Nevertheless, I am so glad the application process is finally over.

I know I will be going to Booth, so I am withdrawing my Kellogg application and starting to plan my next two years. Having some peace of mind for the Christmas season was all I could ask for.



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