New Year and some resolutions

The New Year is almost here! It is so satisfaying to think that exactly one year ago, I was making my study plan for the GMAT and now, I’m more excited than ever with the anticipation of being in business school. As usual, I have used the last days of the year to list some resolutions, some of which I want to share here. Of course, my whole 2017 plan revolves around the MBA theme.


1. Get organized: This one makes my list every new year, but i am going to give it one more try. I am a do it all kind of person. I’m sure that at business school I will find in every corner an activity I want to try or an organization I want to join. So, I will need to prioritize and be organized. And I need to start practicing now, I got my planner already!

2.Excel at work: I probably won’t be coming back to my current job once I finish the MBA. However, I want to make my best work ever before leaving.

3.Keep my hobbies: Something I value about my current job is that it allows me to have a good balance between professional and personal live. I don’t plan to stop dedicating some time to the activities I enjoy. I love dancing to have fun and be healthy and blogging helps me clear my mind.

4.Networking: I need to learn to play the networking game right. Definitely, it is the most important part of the MBA. So, no more lazy excuses!

5.Learn to cook: First, I am null at cooking. But, I’m Peruvian and if there is one thing that represents my country (apart from Machu Picchu and llamas) is the awesome food. Therefore, peruvian food is one cultural aspect I would like to share at school. I guess I should learn at least a couple of dishes. 

May this New Year bring you lots of joyful, beautiful and crazy moments!


BeFunky collage new year.jpg

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” — Albert Einstein



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