The Checklist

Talking with potential roommates, looking for apartment options, keeping my documents in order, etc. – there’s just a lot going on these days. September and the start of the MBA is so close now, that’s why I have made a checklist to keep track of my progress with all the preparations.


Calculate budget for the next two years (100%)

I like keeping it loose. So I am adding some extra thousand dollars for unexpected expenses like trips, events and clothes.

Apply for financial aid (50%)

After defining how much money I would need, I started the process with Prodigy and got a pre-approved loan. However, I will still check the options with Booth too that will be available in a couple of weeks.


Send the transcripts (30%)

I may be a little late here. I have asked my university for the documents, but I’m still waiting for them to be issued. After that, I will have to send the transcripts myself.

Have my funding sources documents in order (80%)

I already did my budget so I have my finances in order. I only need to scan all the supporting documents.


Decide: Roommate vs living on my own (70%)

I’m still deciding, but a leaning towards living on my own.

Choose the apartment (60%)

 I’ve put myself in the waiting list at two different buildings both for a convertible and a 2 bedroom.

Buy the furniture (50%)

I’m already talking with some second years who are selling their stuff.

The trip

Get plane ticket (0%)

I should have them by the end of May at the latest to get a better price.

Choose the stuff I’ll take with me (50%)

 I have a lot of clothes (like really a loooot). I will need at least 6 full bags to carry them all, so I will have to choose what to take. I think I will travel to Chicago with my sister so that I can have two additional bags (and she can take a vacation)



Take a nice and professional new pic (0%)

I need a good picture to use in my resume, linkedin and all future documents

Update linkedin content (50%) 

I already updated it with my new position at work and translate all my information to English, but there’s still a lot of detail to add.

Update resume (50%)

Recruitment starts so early in the first term that I already need to have a winner resume ready.


Interview questions bank (20%)

I have started a habit of writing down experiences at work and outside that I could use for class participation or behavioral questions in interviews.


As you can see, I am a little behind in some issues but I expect to make a lot of progress in the next couple of weeks.

Good luck with your own preparations!




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